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Courtney’s Public House (formerly ‘Bob Carrolls’) in Lucan Village – June 2016


Hi everyone again, this drawing is, as you can see, in pen & ink and this, A2 sized, drawing is one which has really boosted my self-confidence, self-esteem and pure wish to continue  by really making me realise that this medium is my most preferred.  I had tried to do this picture as a painting by using watercolours, gouache and acrylics and mixed media – a total number of attempts (approximately 15 attempts!) until I reverted to my favourite medium.  I loved using Pen & Ink from even before I ever attended art college firstly back in 1989.


Pen & Ink drawing of Courtneys Pub in Lucan Village - done in May-June 2016


This drawing was done for a former neighbour of mine who now lives in Canada.  His parents asked me to do this for their son & daughter in law and I just managed to get it finished days before they left to stay with them for a few weeks! I got it to them a few days before they left.  They decided not to take it out of the plastic tube, which I purchased in order for them to carry it onto the plane just in case it was damaged in transit – they trusted it would be good enough and I was amazed!  I used watercolour paper, 300g/m2 – and A2 in size.  The drawing is one of my all time favourites of the drawings, paintings and  sketches which I have done so far and I was really elated with the outcome.


My Father worked in ‘The Irish Times’ and introduced me to an artists’ work – Pat Liddy – who was a great influence on my earliest work as he had a technique I so wanted to aspire to – I would see his pictures of prominent buildings in Dublin each week in the papers.  My Father, who was an engraver, equivalent to, or an old name for,  Desk Top Publishing – D.T.P. (which entailed formatting the pages of the Newspaper manually which nowadays would be done, as I now do, using QuarkXpress or Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and various other Apps) and he got to know Mr. Liddy.  Mr. Liddy, to my delight, having published a book ‘Dublin Today’, gave a copy to my father who asked Mr. Liddy to sign the book with a message of encouragement to me – I still have and treasure this book over thirty years latter!  I do hope the new owner of this art work are even a fraction as happy with the final outcome as I am.


The reason that I am so encouraged is that after a long time away from art I am delighted to realise that after a  long time away from art I have taken back to it like the pre-variable duck to water! It’s true, it’s just like learning to ride a bike!

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