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Ash Leaf Shopping Centre in Crumlin, Dublin – two paintings I designed for Donal Murray


Hello everyone, these two paintings, which are on show year round in the Ash Leaf Shopping Centre, which a very talented artist Donal Murray painted back in 2009 but only after I came up with the ideas and designed them using Adobe Photoshop. The first one you’ll see below, is a painting I designed for Donal. We decided that as this entrance/exit faced towards Terenure Cross we would visualise the Cross in the past, present and future.

me - painting 2 for Ash Leaf Shopping Centre

The research levels both myself and Donal put into these designs/paintings were very intense and very productive. We found out so much about the history behind Terenure Cross and the extent to which it has changed. This is perfctly reflected in the finished painting which Donal brilliantly produced in 2009. I had a great experience in designing it. A very much fascinating and learning experience by The images with wich I used were sourced having downloaded over 100,000 images related to Terenure Cross, including both sketches and early photographs from the 19th Century

Please see me below in my wheelchair sitting proudly below the finished painting in situ in the Ash Leaf:

Painting I designed for and worked on with Donal Murray (friend and artist from Kildare). The painting we did is 17' wide by 9.5' high! - This painting can be seen over the exit from Ash Leaf Shopping Centre in Crumlin Village, Dublin

One of the paintings I designed for, and worked on, with Donal Murray (friend and artist from Co. Kildare). The paintings we did are both a massive 17′ wide by 9.5′ high! – The two paintings can be seen over the two entrances/exits in the Ash Leaf Shopping Centre in Crumlin Village, Dublin 10.


me painting Ash Leaf 7

This painting of Crumlin, which is over the door which points in the direction of Crumlin, did have to be slightly different as there were no images of Crumlin prior to the early 1900’s and these were not of any use to us though.


me painting Ash Leaf 3


Just below the painting, on the ground to the right of me and my wheelchair, is a copy  of the design I did and gotten printed off  which you can see on the floor, with which Donal used as a general template with which to do the painting from but as you’ll see a number were made – but they call this ‘Artistic Licence’ which I, as a fellow artist, must say I totally understand, ha!  I did get to dabble in the painting but 99.99% of it was done by Donal.  I’m just proud to have been the one who came up with the concepts for each.  There were two other concepts we did submit for two other parts of The Ash Leaf Shopping Centre but……………. when I find these pictures I will put them up on the site as well.  No its not that I am embarrassed about them, its just that they are on another external hard drive I have put away somewhere, honest!  Will let you know on the homepage as soon as I get the hard drive and find it.  I really loved these two just as much – if not more than – the ones we were commissioned to do!?!?

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