Pen & Ink drawing of Courtneys Pub in Lucan Village - done in May-June 2016

Courtneys Pub in Lucan Village in ‘Pen & Ink’ by me, Mark Clancy – June 2016 – size A2!

Hi everyone again, this drawing is, as you can see, in pen & ink and this, A2 sized, drawing is one which has really boosted my […]
realms architecture homepage image gradient used to change and further changes

Realms Architectural – Accessibility Compliance Consultancy

Realms Architectural Accessibility Compliance Consultancy here to help businesses, institutions, and municipalities fulfil their responsibilities under civil rights law as it pertains to people with disabilities […]
me painting Ash Leaf 2

Ash Leaf Shopping Centre in Crumlin, Dublin – two paintings I designed for Donal Murray

Hello everyone, these two paintings, which are on show year round in the Ash Leaf Shopping Centre, which a very talented artist Donal Murray painted back […]
Toyota, Long Mile Road

Toyota – Long Mile, Dublin join forces with us here at Ability2

Hello All, its Mark Clancy here – I’m the owner and founder of Ability2 and hope that you do enjoy my site/blog and please do spread […]
Lucan Garda Station

Back in 1999 – Lucan Garda Station

This is a painting I did back in 1999 of Lucans Garda Station which was, not a lot of people know this – designed by James […]
The Botanical Gardens MC88 - B&W

‘The Botanical Gardens’ – (Pen & Ink done in 1988)

The earliest drawing I have… well, lost two portfolios – while moving houses a number of times! Also, I’m sure there are others in my mothers […]

Need for Clampdown on Disabled Parking Space Abusers

It’s a constant problem throughout Ireland: thoughtless able-bodied drivers parking in spaces on streets, at shopping centres, railway stations, hospitals etc reserved for spaces reserved for […]

Bringing disability awareness to the private sector

A new company – Train Ability – is offering disability awareness training to companies in the private sector. Angela O’Connor set up the company in January, […]
mms-ability2 present MMS Medical

MMS Medical is one of Ireland’s leading medical equipment suppliers. In areas such as mobility, rehabilitation, disabled access and community care products, MMS is Ireland’s largest […]

Hi-Tech “Pens” to aid blind in Irish art Galleries

Irish art galleries are to introduce technology to help blind people experience paintings, sculptures and others works of art. The device, known as a DiscoveryPEN, allows […]

A teen, Chanel, with autism tells you what it’s really like

Chanel is sixteen and has autism.   “No one can really understand what’s going  on in our heads.  In this video, I try to explain what its […]

New video shows the impact of dog poo on people of limited mobility

Dog dirt is not something the people welcome on footpaths and streets – but it can be especially bad for people with limited mobility. Wheelchair users […]

What handicap do you see?

The spectacular opening ceremony in Croke Park for the 2003 Summer World Games of the Special Olympics opened all of our events to these wonderful events […]