LDAG logo which I designed for them when I helped set it up at its inception with Lucan 2000

Lucan Disability Action Group – I designed the logo back in 2001

Myself and a colleague, Robert, helped to set up and start the ‘Lucan Disability Action Group’ back in 2001.   Back then we were working out […]

O’Neils Public House, Lucan, Co. Dublin – November 2016

Here is my latest work.  It was done in ‘Pen & Ink’ using mainly an 0.05mm Technical Pen but also using from 0.1 – 0.8mm pens […]
LDAG logo which I designed for them when I helped set it up at its inception with Lucan 2000

Lucan Disability Action Group

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logopng of ISU

The Logo I designed for ‘Ireland Stand Up’.org

Please see the logo I designed for IrelandStandUp.org a number of years ago.  Should you visit their site you will see this logo in their address […]
Pen & Ink drawing of Courtneys Pub in Lucan Village - done in May-June 2016

Courtney’s Public House (formerly ‘Bob Carrolls’) in Lucan Village – June 2016

Hi everyone again, this drawing is, as you can see, in pen & ink and this, A2 sized, drawing is one which has really boosted my […]
me painting Ash Leaf 2

Ash Leaf Shopping Centre in Crumlin, Dublin – two paintings I designed for Donal Murray

Hello everyone, these two paintings, which are on show year round in the Ash Leaf Shopping Centre, which a very talented artist Donal Murray painted back […]
Lucan Garda Station

Back in 1999 – Lucan Garda Station

This is a painting I did back in 1999 of Lucans Garda Station which was, not a lot of people know this – designed by James […]
Botanic Gardens in Dublin - Newly Framed and on exhibition in my sisters new house - looks really great

‘The Botanical Gardens’ – (Pen & Ink drawing)

The earliest drawing I have… well, lost two portfolios – while moving houses a number of times! Also, I’m sure there are others in my mothers […]
Dr Gillian Smith - courtesy of thejournal.ie

Dentist Who Cared For Autistic Patient Wins Top Award

The important of having a dentist who is able to make patients of all needs feel comfortable was underlined when Dr Gillian Smith won an award […]
Image courtesy of filmireland.net

Mark Pollock – An Inspiration

Mark Pollock may not be a name familiar to everyone:  but the man’s an inspiration. Losing his sight while a Trinity College student did not hold […]
Kieran Behan - courtesy of Gymnasticsireland.com

Kieran Behan – Overcoming Barriers

Kieran Behan is a man who faces disappointments – and triumphs. These range from a childhood health issue which almost crippled him to a relatively poor showing […]

Panther Inclusive Technology

Assistive Technology Disability and Health Apps Information provided by Wendy Taormina-Weiss – Published: 2012-10-22 Panther Technology is dedicated to combining advancements in design, technology, user interface […]

App gives voice to people with disabilities

Tyler Austin is one of thousands of Canadians who can now speak, thanks to MyVoice, a new technology developed by two University of Toronto students. Tyler, […]